DeShantel Odom

Addicted to the slay!

DeShantel Odom
Addicted to the slay!

I have to be totally honest, if you were to ask me my opinion on wigs about 10-15 years ago the response would have been "Awe Hell Naw!" Largely in part to the introduction of lace fronts into the hood.(Insert eye roll here) In the early 2000's lace front wigs bust on the scene in a disastrous fashion. In the back of every beauty supply store there  were 2-3 young ladies gluing down these wigs. Mind you,  they were not stylists, had no license and it was completely unsanitary. Everybody came out of there looking like they had helmets on their head and I wasn't with it. Now fast forward two weeks when they tried to take those wigs off and ended up pulling of their edges and skin too. yeah, Needless to say I was in no rush to wear anybody's wig.

Now here comes 2016 and I was scrolling down my YouTube homepage for  my daily dose of whats happening in the beauty world and I came across review for this wig. If had beautiful curls, it looked to be about 20-22 inches and had a side part with an amazing swoop Y'all know I'm a sucker for a deep left part and a swoop! What can i say I'm a product of the 80's! Lol So after watching countless tutorials I googled the wig and found out that the wig that I'm in love with is synthetic, of course its this new age synthetic fiber that can be flat ironed and curled but at this point I was full invested and I wanted it. 

I went to a popular wig site ( and can you believe this wig was $19, yes $19. So I order it in a 1B and immediately ordered a second one and then a third one. 



This is the Inna wig by Sensationnel. Its called their high fashion couture synthetic premium fiber

So I wore this wig off and on for the latter part of 2016. At the beginning of the year I did the big chop and decided to wear wigs and different protective styles all 2017 to give my hair a much needed break. My next 2 purchased from wigtypes was this cute little bob( cant remember the name to save my life),Issabel Swiss lace by Sensationnel(synthetic),  The Mommy II wig by The Janet Collection(100% Remy Human Hair) and my new fave Acacia by Outre(synthetic) all pictured below in order. 

So as if life couldn't get any better my visual branding coach asked me if I heard about this group on Facebook called WigSlayers. She said shes been in it for quite some time and its a really cool and supportive group. When I tell you don't join this group unless you have money in your account because you will be buying wigs left and right. Lol This has to b one of the most supportive and laid back groups ever. Women just sharing their wigs and loving on one another and its main admin Epic Shae is a doll and she cuts all the negativity before it even gets started. Want to join click the link below:

I will continue adding new wigs to my collection as it allows for experimentation and fun without causing any damage to my natural strands. I urge all women to try just one, the right one and theyll never turn back! 


Stay Beautiful! 

Be an Individual and

Spread Love!