Period with a Purpose!

It was just another late night of scrolling on Instagram and I came across an ad for Cora. Cora offers organic cotton period supplies in a subscription service. In this day and age where we order everything from cars to groceries online, why not our personal needs from a company specializing in them? Cora offers both pads and tampons as well as liners, body cloths and bladder leak pads.

The first thing I loved about the company is that they offered your first month of supplies for free all you have to do is cover the shipping which was minuscule. You start with an in depth survey that ask you a series of question pertaining to your period and your product preference. At the end of the survey they put together a custom kit and then allow you to add items such as liners and body cloths (individual or pouch) for an additional $2. After your trial, if you decide to continue your next shipment will contain a 3 month supply for around $39 and after doing the math its cheaper that what I usually would spend over the course of three months.

So all that aside let me tell you what really sold me on Cora. For every one month supply of pads/tampons you purchase, a monthly supply of pads are given to a school age girl in Africa and India to allow them to continue to go to school during their menstrual cycle. These young women are forced to miss school during their periods because they do not have adequate supplies to wear. They are left using plastic bags, rags and other items which could possibly leave them at risk for infection. This company’s mission not only brings supplies to these young ladies but health education as well, and because of the supplies they receive they see a decrease in dropouts among pubescent girls in these countries. Talk about a mission! I felt empowered. Knowing that I had a direct effect on a young woman hundreds of miles away and that my purchase would help her continue her education, it was a no brainer.

Now, I know you’re wondering “Are the products any good”? I’m in love. So I received my free monthly supply fairly quickly, I decided to go with the tampon kit with added liners and bamboo body cloths. When I open the package everything was neatly packed and there was a stock-card explaining what was inside and what my next shipment would contain. There was also some more information about the company and their mission. Now their products are made of 100% organic cotton and are hypoallergenic and vegan. It also was stated that by using organic cotton and chemical free tampons they would lessen your menstrual cramps and that was something I was looking forward to. The box was comprised of a mixture of super and super+ tampons, cloths and liners. By the 5th day of my cycle I knew that I was going to tell every woman I knew about Cora and I was going to get my daughter a subscriptions as well.

My sample Box

My sample Box

Now fast forward to me receiving my 3 month supply, I decided to go with a pad subscription and a tampon subscription because it gets real over here. lol At the time, they didn’t have a combined subscription that offered both but low and behold they do now. So I received a 3 month supply of both pads and tampons with carrying cases for each plus wipes and liners.

I knew after my trial month I really liked the product but I wanted to see if I would make it the entire 3 months without having to go to my local drug store. But here a look at what I received!


So here we are at the end of my 3 moths and these by far are the best tampons I’ve ever used. I had little to no leaks and they were very comfortable. based on my profile quiz I was sent a mix of super and super plus which is very accurate. Now I can’t lie I was not a fan of the pads I’m not sure if its the fact that I received the ones with no wings or what.They also weren’t as adhesive as I’m use to, they shifted a lot and that’s something I not have happen because it’s going to be a whole accident. lol

Since making the switch to the organic cotton tampons I can say that my cramps are so much better. I cant tell you the relief that I’ve experienced over the past several months. Once I really learned about all the chemicals in traditional tampons It was a no brainer that I was #Teamorganiccotton from here on out.

Listen head over Instagram and visit Cora’s Page and see for yourself. These products are De’Starr approved. Help your body and help someones else in the process.

“I am my sister’s keeper”