Weight NO More

The Unresolved Resolution

While doing some end of the year cleaning I came across two of my old journals. I was excited because I wanted to see where I was during that time and what my goals were and if I had actually met any of them.  After reading just a few short pages I began to cry hysterically. Here it was, in black and white,  year after year of the same resolution "lose 100lbs", " lose 80lbs" and   years later I was in the exact same boat. With the start of a new year everyone begins to ramble of a list of resolutions that they want to get done. For most people, getting in shape or losing weight is at the top of that list. Whether for an upcoming vacation or event the goal is too shed as much weight as possible. So here come the wraps, waist trainers, detox teas, pills and shakes which unless you have  strong will power; will only provide a temporary fix. This time for me just felt different it wasn't about the cute vision board or the resolutions it was about actually being happy with myself and doing the necessary work to get there.


Breaking Point

Over the past year I grew increasingly uncomfortable in my skin. I was winded easily, always felt sluggish and my eating habits were atrocious. When I saw this picture I knew I had to do something different. But wait,  how did this happen? When did I pack on the extra weight? and why didn't anybody stop me? Seeing this full body picture was a wake up call. So I decide something had to change and I mean reeeaaalllly change. Since I'm extremely competitive I signed up for not one but two weight loss challenges because I needed to be pushed. I knew I needed the support of the women that are tired of having two stomachs, that wanted to look down and see their "V" without having to hold the breast and sucking in their stomachs. I knew that this time around I had to come hard and be serious because I was going to have to change my entire lifestyle.

My New Lover

There was this drive that started to burn deep down on the inside. I felt like I had to make a move and I knew that whatever it was I had to be consistent. So I set a non-negotiable date. Every Monday-Friday after work I commit at least 1 and 1/2 hours in the gym. If all my gym buddies were busy I'm still going, raining cats and dogs I'm still going. At this point it'll take an act of congress to keep me from my standing appt with the new love of my life. ME!!! Its been rough juggling home, work, the kids, my clients and the gym and I am more determined than ever to meet my goals.



My 7 week Progress!!! 20lbs down 50 more to go!!