July's Beauty Budget Find

So if you haven't been paying attention to the world of drugstore beauty, CoverGirl released their new Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation earlier this spring. This foundation comes with a list of benefits that any makeup wearer would love. It promises to be a lightweight, full coverage makeup that is oil-free and contains vitamins E,B3 and B5 and contains an SPF of 20.  

After reading all of that, I just had to try it. I'm very oily so it's usually hard for me to find a drug store foundation that can get me throughout the day without looking like I have lard all over my face.  I picked up the darkest shade that they had in the store which is 775 Soft Sable. It seemed like a good match so off the register I went. I purchased the foundation for $12.99 from my local CVS and I also decide to grab the NYX First Base Primer Spray too which retailed for $7.99.  Now I have seen this product priced from $9.99-$12.99 depending on the retailer, so do your research.

I was excited because the bottle had a pump which I adore for my liquid foundations because I feel like I get all if not most of the product out of the bottle. I did my usual three pumps and was excited once I saw the formula on the back of my hand, it was lightweight but it didn't run or move. 

Now it does have a strong floral fragrance which made me a little apprehensive because I usually dont like anything on my face that has a scent for fear of breakouts but let's see. I used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush  with I love because it buffs liquid formulas into my skin flawlessly. The product went on smooth and at first felt heavy but as I buffed it in and it dried I could hardly feel it. Now coverage wise it's more of a medium coverage that is buildable. I didnt color correct because I typically don't in the summer unless its a night out or photo shoot and I really want that flawless finish. The smell was annoying but it wasn't too bad, lets see how it holds up throughout the day. The first day I didnt prime at all because I wanted a true feel for the product and its mattifying abilities; you know I got to look out for my oily sisters! Let's say that goodness I had my press powder because I surely needed a few touch ups and pat downs.

This picture was taken at about 4:30pm on day two, at this time my makeup had been done for 9 hours. I did not have to touch it up at all which was awesome because I truly don't have the time for midday touch ups. So on the second day I applied the Nyx First Base Primer Spray and it actually helped a lot. So that particular there were no touch ups needed at all. 

Overall I think this is definitely a keeper, with a little primer this will be a great addition to most makeup kits. As for the Nyx primer spray I say grab it because it's always good to have different products in your arsenal that can save you a little time. 

So I give these two product a combined 4 Stars out of 5  its most certainly a TRY! If you decide to try these Beauty Budget Friendly products  or if you have any questions leave them below!