It's Not A Look, It's A Feeling

The Vision

My goal was to create a space where like minded women could gather and be themselves. So many times we get wrapped up in being this false idea of woman. while striving for perfection we often lose ourselves along the way. I've finally said F##K it, I'm gonna snatch my wig off, scratch my stretch marks and rub my fupa while watching reruns of Martin and I wasn't gonna let anyone make me feel bad about any of the decisions I've made.  So, come on in, take a sit and lets figure this thing called life out together!


Welcome to Styl’d by De'Starr. I am a wife, mom, stylist, makeup artist, blogger, entrepreneur and full time #corporatecutie... A lot right?I know!

With the constant change of trends make this your first stop in finding how to incorporate them into your life affordably.
From real life matter to the latest trending topics, make this your first stop to find out all the goings on!


the naked truth

Being a wife, mom, entrepreneur and corporate employee is draining. There are a lot of long days and sleepless nights. Yes it has its rewarding days and then there are the dark days and through them all I'll share my thoughts, comments, rants and say all the things you’re thinking but wont say!


Quote me

"Women have this magic power that I think few have realized, and that is  being a chameleon or reinventing onesself "

          - De'Shantel Odom-Brown